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New Beginning

Well hello!

I have never written a blog post before and the idea scares me a little that no one will want to read it. So instead I'm going to use this as more of a diary of my journey .... So here we go ♡


I have always loved Jewellery and never did I ever think that one day I would have my own little business let alone have lovely people buy the things I make and stamp. Just typing that gives me chills that you love what I do. 

I decided to take the jump, well more of a massive leap into making Jewellery. I didn't go to college to learn, instead I went to train to become a hairdresser and how ever much I like hairdressing I don't have the love for it like I do in making and stamping Jewellery.  Everything I know I have taught myself and with a lot of practice I have got the hang of it. I love how nothing is the same every two pieces are so different even if they have the same design. 

I do all of this in the comfort of my home. This involves lots of chaos with 2 children, a crazy dog, a cat and trying to do the normal day to day of running a home so there is always a lot going on. I have the most supportive partner called Dave who is always there with words of encouragement when I feel like things are getting too much. 

I have only been doing my beloved business for about 6 months and I am so excited to see where and what 2020 has in store for me and what beautiful stories I will be stamping on your Jewellery.


so heres to 2019 and what a fab years its been.... Happy New Year!


Thank you for reading and I hope it wasnt to painful I'm not really a writer more of a maker which is a good job really.

Until next time! Much love Jasmine x


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