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 Welcome to Stamped By The Coast

 Hello I'm Jasmine, I'm the face behind Stamped By The Coast. We live in a little village in North Norfolk. They are the ones I do all this for.

Our love for the coast plays a huge part in what I do. The sea glass and driftwood is found on our local beach and collected when my family and I go for walks. Therefore colours, sizes and shapes may all differ slightly from the images used. I try to make pieces by hand but some materials have been sourced by UK suppliers. I do all the designing, making, packaging and admin single handedly. However I do have help with website from my partner who has spent all his spare time helping to set this up for me.

I am very passionate about the environment so I try my best to only use recycled packaging.

Thank you for reading and hope you find something that you like!

Love Jasmine @ stamped by the coast